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Sunday, June 12, 2005

Did I invent this?

This came to me a few nights ago... I can't find it on any of the online quotes engines, but it seems so obvious somebody must have said it before.

But, if no one else, did (please correct me if I'm wrong!), I'll claim credit for saying it first.

"That which makes us great, also destroys us"


Blogger Nailbiter said...


It would seem that your comment got SPAM'd or something along those lines.

I like you comment, "That which makes us great also destroys us." It is akin to the Icarus-Sun argument or the Oppenhimer- Nuke relationship. It might be a "Franklin-esque" quote, I'm not sure.

I confess I have been floating around your Nurflugel website for several years now but have not seen your link to your 'Blog.
I fundamentally agree with your general social and political ideas that I have seen so far. But that is only a part of the reason I am interested in you. Your Resume is posted... judging from your work experience... you don't really pursue your passion.

In the wake of the Ansari X- Prize I believe that affordable commercial orbital flight of the earth is attainable. This goal will open up the door to other possibilities. Science rarely advances in giant steps, and I am painfully aware of the implications of this comment.
Burt Rutan and co. have the best conceptual aerospace organization of this generation. Generations are becoming shorter, however.
Scaled composites has focused its data in highly specialized areas. These areas prevent them from branching into... well.... the Nurflugel area of aircraft mechanics.
I believe that a reusable, cargo carrying, orbital, flying wing design is the correct type of craft to conquer the challenges of; upper level atmospheric conditions and re-entry challenges.

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