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Monday, August 13, 2007

I hear from Germany... still no word from Doc #1

The questions I submitted to neurosurgeon #1 last Monday are still unanswered - I have to contact the doctor's admin to see if he's read them yet (in all fairness, she did say that she wouldn't be able to give them to him until Thursday).

Interestingly, I heard from Dr. Fenk-Mayer, Dr. Bertagnoli's partner in Germany. She pretty much said what my doctors have said - this is important, and should be operated on promptly, the sooner the better. I mailed my MRIs off last Monday, so they should be getting them soon. The evaluation will cost 300 Euros (about $410). They're also wanting x-rays (for device sizing and placement) and bone-density measurements. I have no idea how to get those done without my local doctor ordering it. I'll give it a shot (perhaps neurosurgeon #2 will go along), but Fenk-Mayer said that these can be done in Germany a day or so before surgery.

It's funny, my stress level has gone way, way down since I've come close on deciding to go with Dr. Bertagnoli. It'll be interesting to see what neurosurgeons #1 and #2 have to say about him. He seems well respected in the medical community from what I can find on the Internet, but doctors always have their opinions. I'm hoping they don't get pissed because I'm considering going abroad for treatment.

Got my International Driving Permit today from AAA - basically, a big piece of paper that says you have a valid driver's license. A good thing to have if I go over there and rent a car. Since my stay will be less than three months, I don't need a visa, just my passport.


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