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Wednesday, August 15, 2007

So much for email...

Got tired of waiting to hear from neurosurgeon #1, finally called the office - his admin said that he had left a note in my file (when they were going to get back in touch with me is anybody's guess) that since I had so many questions, I should come back and see him. In other words, if he's going to spend that much time on me, he should get paid for it. Fair's fair, I guess.

Got a bill for the evaluation by Dr. Bertagnoli - 300 Euros ($408). Interestingly enough, they take PayPal. Easy for me, easy for them - no worries about fraud or funny money.

Funny thing at work - we had our semimonthly staff meeting, and my boss told those that didn't already know that his little 5-year old has an inoperable brain tumor. He and I have been trading doctor/insurance tips, very helpful. I told the group that I'd be out sometime in the near future for the surgery (whatever I get), and one of the guys was really interested - turns out he has a brother with a bad lumbar disk that needs treatment, so he's really interested in the ADR stuff. Good to know that I can be helpful to someone like that.


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