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Monday, September 03, 2007

The windows are in!

Mmm, new windows!

After a week of various antics (Monday: "Oops, we didn't order all the parts we needed three months ago, we'll be back again Thursday!"), my windows are in. Almost done, anyway. Still missing a screen door ("Did you order a screen door with that?"), and a few hardware problems (such as a window not locking, and one that won't open), and some loose hardware (tighten those screws, anyone?).

And, this company was top-rated on Angie's list. I'd really, really hate to see what the bottom rated guys were like.

In any case, it's done, they look good. Should make a good bit of difference in my heating and cooling bills, and I get a $500 tax credit.

Best part of all - I can clean the bloody things! The previous windows had "storm windows" for the second pane, which were screwed on. Crappy insulation quality, and got all dusty inside, impossible to clean without a ton of work. These are top of the line Milgard Infinity's, guaranteed for the life of my house.

Woo hoo!


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