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Friday, June 05, 2009

The big presentation

So today was the big presentation... month's of rehearsing, preparation, and skull sweat, all leading up to an hour of terror.

I was in the second to last time slot on Friday, and most of the people had already left JavaOne. On top of that, there were several other good presentations going on at the same time (I would have gone to those, too!).

The turnout was pretty good - 120 folks signed up, about 80 actually showed. They videotaped it (that'll be a horrible experience - I get to watch it and see where I screwed up), and I was miked, which wasn't nearly as bad as I thought - no echoes or delays.

The crowd was pretty good - some intelligent questions, no Maven fanatics. All my rehearsals really helped - I think I was much more measured in my pace than in dry runs (due to my run time, I was right on schedule for this, where previously I ran faster).

The interesting thing is that several other folks told me they'd done similar things with their build scripts, so this seems to be a viable pattern.

Afterwards, a dring, and a long soak in the hotel's hot tub, followed by another dinner at Pazzia. Mmm, Pazzia!


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