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Monday, June 01, 2009

JavaOne, Monday

I rode the train up from Los Altos, switching to BART at Millbrae. The Powell St. station is right across the street from the Marriott, worked out very nice.

The Marriott is a very nice hotel – great show rates, and I got a room with a view on the 31st floor.

After checking in, I registered at JavaOne, got the obligatory backpack, but no alumni jacket. Apparently, alumni speakers don’t get one (sniff…)

The pavilion was open Monday, so after I did all the speaker registration and stuff, I cruised the pavilion floor. It’s hard to tell because Monday isn’t a large attendence day, but there was a pretty good crowd on the floor. There were fewer small vendors with booths, but a good number of people. Plenty of T-shirts to score, though.

One point of surrealism, in the evening a gay pride marching band performed in the pavilion. I have no idea what this has to do with JavaOne other than it is San Francisco…

Had dinner at the Marriott’s Steak Bar restaurant, very, very good. A bit pricey, but very good.

T-shirt count: 8


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