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Tuesday, June 02, 2009

TS-5225 Spring Framework 3.0 (Fun with Rod)

Rod's always interesting, if egotistical and opinionated. He's a smart guy, and will remind you of that. I had the pleasure of dining with him a few years back, and some of the things he said as absolutes were debatable.

  • Spring 3.0 is JDK 5+ only
  • Eliminate XML config files as much as possible - annotations, expression language
  • Extensive generification
  • EL - inject stuff from system properties (this is a good thing??)
  • REST support!!!
  • Easy annotations to get stuff off the request - for example,
    public Reward show(@RequestHeader("region") long regionId, @CookieValue("lanuage" String langId)
  • Spring and Flex (SpringFlex)
  • Configuration injection looks pretty cool (type-safe, compile-time errors, allows inheritance of configurations)
  • Spring Roo - Round-trip code generator, allows modification outside of Roo (think of Grails)


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