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Sunday, April 11, 2010

I'm not dead yet! I'm getting better...

So, I complained to the Oracle folks about what was posted on their website concerning JavaOne.

I heard back from not one but two different folks from Oracle (one from my complaint, one from my blog posting - hey, someone actually reads this!), reassuring me that this was not the case. Because of space limitations at Moscone Center, they had to move the exhibits elsewhere. They have received permission to close off Mason Street, and they’re going to have a big OTN tent. No word on the number of exhibitors, but one of the people thought I was asking for booth space, and quoted me a rate, so there will be more than what was in that PDF I saw.

They also said that there will be something like 700 sessions at JavaOne, and that this is an increase from last year - so the important content will have actually increased. That’s good to hear, as it was not immediately obvious from the website that that’s what was going on.

I bit the bullet and decided to register this year. Better sooner rather than later, since because they are combining this with Oracle open world, hotel space nearby will be at a premium.

Of course, with the loss of James Gosling, no T-shirt toss this year. Sniff...


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