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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

JavaOne so far...

Very inconsistent with previous years… Oracle really skimped on refreshments (Sun would have goodies between sessions), no breakfast today before the sessions (although they did yesterday), so I had to go buy breakfast at Starbucks. When I came out from the session, they had stuff - but no one knew (even the event workers) that it was coming.

The Mason street tent was on a slope (as is the street) - you really want to watch how much you drink. The food Sunday night there was good.

The pavilion as we knew it is gone. There's an area (the Hilton ballroom) where they have exhibitors, but all the tech demos and general geek fun is gone. The atmosphere is totally different. I'm guessing about 5,000 JavaOne attendees.

On the plus side, some good presentations. There's some really cool stuff coming in JDK 7 and 8 (Project Lambda in particular).

Going to the JetBrains party tonight. Should be fun.


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