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Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Everything checks out - I'm good to go

Got my final checkup by Dr. Fenk-Mayer today, she was very pleased with my progress, and said that I can start "weaning" myself from the neck brace - a week ahead of schedule. Cool.

Saw my old roomie Gary, he's scheduled to get out on Friday, doing pretty good, walking for 15 minutes at a time. Now he's on solid food, he really wants OUT and get some real food.

Got some good news from the administrative staff, I'll get a refund of 425 Euros, as the deposit that was changed added that charge for a private room. Since it wasn't used, I get it back. Hmm, with the rising Euro rate, did I make money doing that? Probably more than keeping it in the back, I bet.


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