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Thursday, November 15, 2007

Evil & Good at Lufthansa

So, I’m finally on my way – no thanks to the jerk at Lufthansa customer service who nearly sabotaged the entire trip.

I’d originally booked a flight flying out on November 15, returning on November 30, with surgery being done on the 19th. I got bumped two days on surgery, so I had to push out the return flight two days. I got on the phone with Lufthansa customer service to make the changes, and after some discussion (had to upgrade my tickets to a better class of economy) got the changes made. Even received another email with the Lufthansa reservations.

But, when we got up at 4:00 AM to get to PDX, the idiot had cancelled my Portland to Chicago ticket. I had a reservation, but no ticket (somehow that make sense in the airline industry, don’t ask me). Lufthansa had to be the one to fix it, and guess what – they’re closed in Portland on Thursdays (we were flying United to Chicago, then Lufthansa to Munich). Two hours at the ticket counter went by, and we ended up having to buy a ticket to San Francisco to work it out at a Lufthansa counter there.

Got in to SFO, had to wait for the Lufthansa ticket counter to open, and spent another two hours getting things fixed. Lee Me Ying was our savior; it took a lot of legwork from her to get everything fixed. I still have to try to get Lufthansa to refund my ticket from Portland to San Francisco, and maybe the hotel there, too (we left SFO at 9:50 PM, so we had to have some place to crash in the meantime. For $60, it was worth every penny).

In Munich, I observed that one of my suitcases has been destroyed. Apparently it had been caught under a luggage cart or something and dragged along the ground. The metal zipper handle had been ground nearly in half. One zipper handle was ripped off, and the sides of the case eaten through.

Thanks again, Luthansa!


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