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Tuesday, November 20, 2007

In the hospital in Bogen... surgery tomorrow!

I'm all checked in, have been fitted for a cervical collar (soft, not hard - much easier to wear, and it was cheaper too - only 130 Euros for a special piece of foam wrapped in cloth instead of the 200 I was expecting).

Met with Dr. Masyk, the anesthesiologist who's a real card - on the check box on my possibly getting a transfusion in case of need (hopefully will never happen), he said that it was German blood, joking that it came from German virgins. "Getting hard to find!".

I'm getting a happy pill that will ensure a good night's sleep, breakfast tomorrow, then three magic pills at 11:30 - surgery at 1:00.

Gary, my roomie, is in for 2-4 levels of lumbar replacements. He's undergoing the "purge" tonight, so on the off chance that I'll need to use a bathroom during the night I've found alternate arrangements.

The rooms are are really pretty nice - lots of closet space, a mini-fridge, and bathroom. They allow you to book a bigger room for more money that lets someone else stay with you. Those have balconies, probably not a good idea in the cold weather.

So far everyone's been really nice - my anxiety levels fallen quite a bit, and I haven't even had the happy pill yet.

One bummer - they say I shouldn't be riding my road bike any more - it gives me bad neck posture, and I should ride something more upright. My electric hybrid bike's OK, and there are some made which have better posture.

I really liked that road bike... and the mountain bike's history, too.


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