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Thursday, November 22, 2007

It's done!

Had the surgery yesterday, I'm recovering in my room.

I've got a soft cervical collar (130 Euros!), and some bandages, but the neck doesn't hurt. What's most annoying is my nose - they did a nasal intubation, as going through the throat doesn't work well when it all gets pushed aside. The nasal area is pretty delicate, it feels like I've been in a fight. As for the neck itself, it's just sore, not really painful. Although the pain medication probably has something to do with that.

Great doctors, great staff, pretty good hospital food, and Mom's still recovering on our ride on the Autobahn :)

Dr. Masyk (did I get that spelling right?) is the anesthesiologist, he's a real trip. Met Dr. Bertagnoli (it's pronounced ber-tan-yoli, the g is soft, I'd been getting that wrong), he's definately a larger-than-life character. He came by after I was awake to see how I was doing. A busy man, he worked on my roomie Gary of 7-1/2 hours after I'd been under for 2-1/2 hours - that's a really long day) - and he's got 8-year old twins to take care of, too!

Some interesting differences between American and German hospitals - here, they'll give you a pill tray, and expect you to take them when needed. Don't think they'd to that in America. The doctors seem to spend a lot more time with the patients as well. The rooms have mini-fridges, and lots of closet space. But, they don't provide towels or soap in the bathrooms!


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