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Friday, November 23, 2007

Post-op day 2

Had a uneasy night, my sinuses were so trashed from the intubation, and I'm still having difficulty swallowing, didn't make for a good night's sleep.

The nasal stuff is getting much better (some really disgusting nose-blowing got the dried bloodout), and I know the swallowing problems will get better with time. The swallowing issue has todo with the fact that they go through the front of the throat to get to the spine, and they have to push the trachea and esophogus out of the way to get to the spine. Needless to say, those tissues don't like that, and are sore and swollen afterwards.

Still, it looks good for me getting out of the hospital on Sunday, provided my post-op X-rays are satisfactory.

They're giving me a prescription for an anti-thrombosis shot, I'm supposed to give it to myself the day before I fly back, to prevent clots from forming. maybe ought to wear my anti-thrombosis stockings, too... we have to wear them in the hospital because we're in bed so much. Still, I was able to go on a good, long walk out of the hospital with enthusiastic consent from the doctors, Bogen's a nice town to walk around in.


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