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Sunday, November 11, 2007


OK, a new twist - I got bumped two days in surgery - a more urgent case needed attention before me. I keep forgetting that there are other patients these folks are dealing with.

So, I'm leaving the same day (staying at the Portland Sheraton the night of November 14 to take out some of the early morning flight nastiness, and it give my mom and I a place to rendezvous before flying out November 15), and will spend two days in Munich before traveling to Straubing on the 19th. I check in on the 20th, with surgery scheduled for the 21st.

We're staying at the HotelAsam in Straubing (, which looks pretty good. I'll stay there a week after I leave the hospital, and then we travel to a Munich hotel airport and spend the night of December 1 there (another early morning flight)

Got my physical, all my blood work done (why do you have to sign a release form to get your own test results?)... I'm all set. All I have to do is pack.


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