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Monday, November 19, 2007

What is a "suite"?

I'm staying at the Hotel Asam in Straubing - very swank, futuristic (lots of power blinds, auto-everything). The only drawback - I'd booked a suite, as I thought it'd be nice to have my mom in the same room, and a suite would give us some space apart when need be (hey, spending a week in an single room with your mom will drive anybody nuts).

Well, there's some differences among hotels as to what's a "suite". My "suite" consists of a very large bedroom/living room, and a huge bathroom, with separate tub, toilet, and shower. The doors between them are all glass - you can hear everything anybody does from any part of the room. The glass just amplifies things.

Had I known what the room layout was really like, I'd have booked two smaller rooms elsewhere (there's another very good hotel in the center square I liked, but their suites were full - but I could have got two regular rooms for less than what I'm paying here).

So, when we walked into the center of town this morning, we enquired at several hotels - all booked solid through December. Back at the hotel Asam desk, same thing - booked solid.

It's not a huge thing, but I wish I'd known about it in advance, it'd have led to a different decision.

On the plus side, the hotel breakfast is fantastic, and all the restaurants we've been to were great.

Tomorrow I check into the hospital, with surgery scheduled for Wednesday, November 21. I'll have my laptop with me, but don't know if there will be internet connectivity, so it may be a few days until the next entry.


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