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Wednesday, May 07, 2008

JavaOne, baby!

Finally, a session where I can get wireless!

To back up, it's Wednesday here in San Francisco, and I've been here the last two days getting my brain stuffed with more information than it can handle, then staggering back to my hotel and collapsing into bed to repeat the whole thing the next day.

Monday was Java University - the best session was on JMaki and GWT - you can use GWT to do almost all of your application, I'm definatly gonna play with that. Even though it's all AJAX and JavaScript - you don't write any AJAX or JavaScript. You do all your stuff in Java, test in Java (hey, get this unit test your web application in Java!), debug in Java, then compile and deploy to the web. Got problems with the web application and need to debug that mess of JavaScript and AJAX that was created? No problem - attatch your Java debugger to the server and step through your Java code while the JavaScript and stuff is executed on the problem page.

How cool is that? How much time could we save doing development in that environment - and think of how much cooler the UI could be?


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