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Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Life is good... Java 7/JavaFX

Got the JDK 7 developer preview for OS X, got the JavaFX preview for OS X, looks like I'll get on the EAP list for JavaFX Scene Builder - This is going to be a GREAT tool for building UIs in JavaFX.

I saw the demo, and it was awesome - I hate editing XML files by hand, and Scene Builder does a great job of laying out your UI and creating the FXML for you.

FXML is the first UI binding language that I actually like - and this makes it better.

It really looks like Oracle is putting a lot of effort into JavaFX - I plan to start porting all my Swing apps ASAP, and see how it goes.  Now I wish I'd had a cleaner separation of UI and logic :(


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