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Monday, September 23, 2013

JavaOne 2013

Been a while since I posted.

I'm at JavaOne again, listening to all things good and Java.

Much cool stuff this year - if you take away one thing from JavaOne this year, it should be "Lambas".  This is going to change the way you code, for the better.  Simpler, faster, clearer, and more concise code is the result of using lamda expressions.  Yeah, I know that you've been able to use closures in other languages, but this isn't a half-assed implementation.  Better stable and late than early and broken.

Lot of talks on JavaFX 8 - also lots of cool new stuff.  3DViewer will let you import 3D models from Maya, Wavefront, Autodesk, etc. into either FXML or Java code, with real-time previews.  VERY cool stuff.

Read more about it here:

Thursday, October 06, 2011

Saddest thing I've seen this week

Lots of homeless in SF - too many... I saw one guy going through a cigarette disposal bin looking for butts, with the look of absolutely grim determination. You did NOT want to get between this guy and his nicotine fix.

The cops seem pretty diligent in making sure the homeless folk aren't breaking too many rules, but there are so many of them... I can't imagine what its like sleeping on the street. I'm at a conference where they have a ton of extra food - where does it all go? I hope not into a landfill.

A lot of these guys are obviously mentally ill - unemployable. Even if we had jobs for the sane ones, what do you do with the nut jobs?

Wednesday, October 05, 2011

All hail Vaadin...

After years of being creeped out by seeing the piles of Vaadin books a the JavaOne pavilion, I finally attended a presentation.

It's actually pretty cool.

Vaadin is a server-side framework for web-based UI applications. It basically wraps GWT, and lets you do a lot of cool stuff on the server side and very quickly generate the client UI. The presenter was using JRebel to redeploy his classes - basically, hit the refresh button the browser and the new version of the UI was available. That's another product I need to look at.

Plus, Vaadin has a ton of plugins and a pretty active user community. They make it easy to package custom components, and encourage users to upload them to their plugin repository.

One of the available plugins is an iPad/iPhone LAF.

Check it out - Apache licensed, free, open source:

Life is good... Java 7/JavaFX

Got the JDK 7 developer preview for OS X, got the JavaFX preview for OS X, looks like I'll get on the EAP list for JavaFX Scene Builder - This is going to be a GREAT tool for building UIs in JavaFX.

I saw the demo, and it was awesome - I hate editing XML files by hand, and Scene Builder does a great job of laying out your UI and creating the FXML for you.

FXML is the first UI binding language that I actually like - and this makes it better.

It really looks like Oracle is putting a lot of effort into JavaFX - I plan to start porting all my Swing apps ASAP, and see how it goes.  Now I wish I'd had a cleaner separation of UI and logic :(

Monday, October 03, 2011

"You want to attend that keynote"

In between sessions, I was chatting with Mark Reinhold, and mentioned that I was “All this talk of JDK 7 is making me really hungry for it… but I’ve got a Mac.  Guess I’ll have to attend that strategic keynote tomorrow” (Mark had mentioned at this morning’s keynote that details on the Mac JDK 7 would be announced in Tuesday’s keynote). 
Mark just smiled and said, “You really want to attend that keynote”.

Keynote speakers

Some good stuff announced - Oracle is announcing it's NoSQL database today (!). Our DBAs will literally not know what to do about this. Should be fun.

Some interesting performance figures for Java 7 - some benchmarks are putting it at 3x the performance of Java 6 on Intel hadware. Free performance boosts are always good to hear. Now if I can just get a Java 7 port for OS X... they're going to announce timelines in tomorrow's "strategy" keynote. Damn, now I'll have to attend that one.

The JavaFX demos were quite good, too - they finally have tables! Some very slick integration with the browser, too - desktop full-screen applets running via Chrome.

Sunday, October 02, 2011

JavaOne 2011

Just got into town, flew in from Portland on a little turboprop - very comfortable seats. Only defect was the bathroom, which was just plain cruel.

I'm staying at the Donatello this year - the rates were $180 via AAA, and it's only a block or so from the Hilton, etc on Mason Street. Quite nice, it's an older "boutique" hotel, but free wi-fi, modern room, fridge, microwave, and A/C - much better deal than the more expensive hotels.

The materials for JavaOne this year are a bump up from last year. The backpack is still a bit on the cheap side, but the alumni jacket is actually pretty nice, and the water bottle is something I'll actually use. IBM chipped in for that one.

The Donatello has an Italian restaurant, Zingari, which is supposed to be pretty good. Pricey, but why come to San Francisco if you're going to cheap out?

Thursday, September 23, 2010

It's over...

The last session of JavaOne is done, I've had my last beer and scored my last item of swag.

Swag count: 11 T-shirts, 1 jacket (alumni gift), 1 backpack (attendee), 1 brain ("may be toxic, not for consumption" {"braiiiinsss!}) assorted pens, simulated hockey puck, flashlight (with a real bulb - I didn't know they even made those any more), and an iPod Shuffle, courtesy of JetBrains' party.


I had several good takeaways from this conference that I'll definitely use at work - stuff we need to know and will help us.

The big closeout party at Treasure Island was a bust for me - waaay too many people (you couldn't even see the food tables, I waited in line for 30 minutes and we barely moved.) The music was good, but I just got tired of the crowds and finally went back to the city. I guess I was lucky, I got right on my bus (about 9:15, so I'd been there about 90 minutes) and got back to the city. Others I talked to said they had to wait in queues for a bus over 40 minutes.

All-in-all, a good conference, but I'd prefer it if it were separate from Oracle Open World. That just sucked all the corporate attention away.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

The JetBrains party

JetBrains hosted a party at the 21st Amendment Club. Good food, got a chance to socialize with the JetBrains developers (throwing ourselves prostrate at their feet and screaming, "We're not worthy!").

There was a contest of JetBrains knowledge, I was one of the top scorers, and got an iPod Shuffle for my reward. Sweet!