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Sunday, March 01, 2009

JavaOne 2009 - I made it!

After several years of trying, I finally got accepted to present at JavaOne this year!

Look for TS-4166 - "Object-Oriented Ant Scripts for the Enterprise". This is based on several presentations I've done on build scripts, but in the process of submitting the abstract, I completely rewrote it structure, so I've got to slice and dice the old presentations into a coherent whole which matches my abstract. In the process, a bunch of stuff is being jettisoned which isn't on-topic, but that's just as well, as my presentation ran long, and I've to stuff it into 60 minutes, allowing 10 or so for Q&A.

Best part is, my conference pass is free. Since I've already shelled out the $$$, that's a nice bit of change back in my pocket. I really sweated whether or not to go this year. Of course, there's still hotel, airfare, and dining. Now, if I can just get my company to step up for that, I'll be all set.