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Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Mmm, Leopard!

Got Leopard last Friday - very nice. Time Machine alone is worth every penny.

Why can't Microsoft add useful features like that instead of just useless eye candy in Vista?

Now I'm playing with the Dashcode builder - build your own OS X Dashboard widgets with their spiffy IDE!

I'm going to Germany!

OK, so it's been a long while since I posted...

I'm going to Germany for surgery on the 19th of November!

It's a little cheaper than I thought - Euro 30,320 for two discs. Add in airfare ($930), hotel, food, medicine, cervical brace, and it's about $50,000. Aren't home equity loans great?

I don't know which was more disturbing, how easy it was to get a home equity loan through my credit union, or wiring $42,000 overseas as easily as depositing a check. I'm just not used to that much money flowing around.

Total time in Germany will be two weeks - gotta get there a few days early, admission the day before surgery, and a 3-4 day stay after surgery. Then, stay in Straubing (80 km NE of Munich) another 5-7 days afterwards before flying home.

My local surgeon's been very good, helping me get the needed X-rays and bone density scans. Now, I just have to get my physician's approval for surgery and some blood tests (but I'll bet he breaks out the rubber glove first, it's been a while...)